4 Interesting Subjects to Study at James Cook University Singapore

For anyone who just graduated from high school or not sure which major want to study or want to study abroad especially in Singapore

If you want to study in Singapore, you might have heard about James Cook University, originated from Australia, because of its being officially ranked in the top 2% of world universities. The university also provides supports collaborative learning and study techniques and option of transferring to the Australian campus during study with trimester system meaning students can complete their Bachelors degree in 2 years. Among 10 university majors offered, you should not overlook the 4 majors below:

Interactive Technologies & Games Design: With the help of interactive technologies, people of different age are able to play games anytime and anywhere—be it on their phones, computers, or gaming consoles. The major aims to provide a pathway to employment for graduates with the technological and software engineering skills applicable to games design execution. Upon graduation, students will understand web 2.0 applications, digital media, web/mobile technologies and platforms, 2D/3D graphics, animation, games design, computation arts, interactive visualization, autonomous simulation and virtual worlds. Whether you are interested in technology or software engineering, this major is a perfect fits for you.

Business Intelligence and Information Systems: In the 21st century, technology has become an important aspect of every businesses. The major enables students to use the technology to make the best decision for the business. The course contents include fundamentals of problem solving and programming I, web design and development, information processing and visualization, database modelling, collective intelligence and entrepreneurship, e-strategic management, data mining, and information security. If you like technology as well as doing business, you should consider majoring in this major.

Hospitality & Tourism Management: Leisure time is crucial for everyone, especially those living in the cities; thus, tourism contributes a lot to our country’s economics. The major equips students with the management, marketing, and operational skills needed for successful hospitality and travel industries. In this major, students will learn about tourism and leisure management, conference and events management, research and decision making for business, hospitality, cultures and people, visitor and crowd behavior management, club and gaming management, hospitality operations management, destination management and planning. If you like traveling and meeting new people, you should study this major.

Psychology: Understanding humans is the essence of life. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Students majoring in psychology will learn about learning in a digital environment, exploring psychology (from brain to practice, and from perception to reality), critical thinking in psychology, communicating psychology (listening, translating & disseminating), and multicultural, child and adolescent counselling. This is the right major for you if you want to understand more people you meet in everyday life.

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