Having Anxiety Disorder Is a Hard Thing to Admit?

Sometimes, have you ever wondered why you cannot take the courage to tell people you have anxiety?

Anxiety disorder is a mental illness which occurs whenever people keep thinking or excessively worry about their activities and daily life. There are 5 main types of anxiety which people might suffer from such as generalized anxiety disorder, excessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic disorder, social anxiety disorder. One of them might affect you in term of talking or expressing your feeling to other people due to your fear, excessive worry, and nervousness. If people fear to express their feeling, so is admitting that they are having an anxiety disorder a hard thing to do? Here are some surveys that I did to find out is it hard or not for people to admit this mental illness.

The question is “Having anxiety disorder is a hard thing to admit?”
Three people have told me that they will admit their anxiety disorder if their listers are their best friends or the one closed to them.
“It is not too hard to tell other people that I am having an anxiety disorder but the important thing is who my listener is. Will they encourage me or just let me down more?,” said Chorn SreyEm, attending master degree at Royal University of Law and Economics.

“I will admit it because if not, my anxiety disorder might develop more seriously or uncontrollable but I only admit it to my close friends,” said Chiv Kimhouy, sophomore of Department of International Studies (DIS) at IFL.

“It is not hard to admit my anxiety disorder if everyone around me keeps encouraging me and creates a positive environment which I believe that I could find a way to solve my problems,” says Sophan Voleak, Freeland novel writer.

Another two people reported that it is hard for them to admit their anxiety disorder because they are scared other people will laugh at their weakness and they fear of being judged.
“It is hard to admit that I having an anxiety disorder because I do not want anyone to know my weakness and they might judge me because of this mental illness,” says Mengtaing Heng, sophomore of DIS at IFL.

“I’m afraid that people will laugh at me after I admit or sometimes they can make a joke about it. I will not admit it unless I can find the one who I feel confident to tell,” says Bun Hong Sarun, senior of Tourism and Hospitality at National University of Management (NUM).

The responses above, people are willing to admit their anxiety due to some circumstances but for the last person that I’ve been interviewed, he didn’t agree to admit his anxiety disorder.

“I will not admit my anxiety disorder because I think it is important to keep my personal privacy,” said Meas Panharith, junior of Department of English at IFL.

All of above are some surveys of people around me who all know about the anxiety disorder. For me, personally, it is hard to admit because I’m not brave enough to show others that I’ve been affected by this mental illness. I afraid that they will give me more negative effects due to their acts or speeches letting me down. But no matter what, I need to admit it anyway. I don’t want my anxiety disorder to develop because it can affect my entire life if I choose to keep it a secret. I choose to admit it to my parents because no one loves and cares about me more than my parents do. After that, I might get the treatment and recover from this mental illness.

Written by: MET Sreyphors

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